Friday morning barn report

It’s cold.  Nine degrees on the thermometer but minus 2 with wind chill.  Inside the barn it is a toasty 18 degrees.  Needless to say, it took me a while to do chores this morning and I am just starting to thaw out now.  The animals are handling it well, even the little doelings.  A major storm is predicted for tomorrow with snow accumulation of up to ten inches.  I am making a run to Tractor Supply for feed and shavings in case the barn is snowed in for a while.

I lost my speckled sussex rooster yesterday, my only rooster at this point.  I found him with his head ripped off in the back yard.  Hawk?  Owl? This thwarts my plan to incubate and hatch chicks all winter.  No more fertilized eggs.  There is likely a rooster in the four chicks I have and even more in the eggs I am incubating but they wouldn’t be ready to breed until spring.  I think I will put a wanted ad in farm/garden in Craig’s List and see if I get any bites.  I would prefer a speckled sussex but any layer breed rooster would do at this point.

I think Jenny will kid next.  She is showing all the signs so I have her in the barn in a pen with Patricia for company.  I need to keep a close eye on her because she is kidding for the first time.  Her mother is Bambi who kids easy and is a good mother so I am not that worried.  I also have Lucy and her daughters Josephine and Penelope inside.  They are hugely pregnant but have very slack udders so it will be a while.

The children are off to LA for two weeks tomorrow to see their father.  Since Bambi is giving me two quarts of milk each morning that means I will have some extra milk and may be able to make some cheese!  Some fresh chevre would be lovely.


One Response to “Friday morning barn report”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Hi Talitha It has been a while since you posted But i am glad you have started again. Alot of my chickens were taken by foxes but not as much as yours i hope You Can find a new rooster And goodluck with Your cold Winter ahead Merry Christmas

    From Mitch ( Australia )

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