After such a bitter cold and snowy winter, spring has sprung.  Gabe found crocuses yesterday and the weather prediction is for sunny 70s for the next few days.  Gabe and I poked in the garden and the center raised bed was dry enough to plant our St. Patrick’s  Day peas.  And there are other changes afoot.

For nearly five years I have been homesteading and what an adventure it has been.  In the turbulent times I have been suffering through, it has brought me peace and satisfaction.  I have now grown the farm to the point that I am producing more than enough for my family and friends and extended friends.   And over the past six months I have been pondering what direction to take with it.  Recently the funding I was seeking to jump start the focal point of my farm, a farmstead goat milk cheese operation, has become available. 

I am overwhelmed with all the ideas swirling in my head and I am anxious to implement them.  But I am also determined to plan this well and do it right which means taking it slowly.

And in the meanwhile, the goats still need to be milked every morning and all of the farm chores done.  I will keep you posted.


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