First Spring Baby

My new farm partner was in for a visit and I told him that one of the goats was going to kid tonight.  I brought him into her pen and showed him the signs that signal a near birth.  Katie is a first freshener, this is her first birth.  Her back end had started trickling  some mucus in  the afternoon but it was her newly popped warm and full udder that made me convinced.  I had my partner handle all the udders of the very pregnant does and then Katie’s to feel the difference.  We finished the evening milking and turned to other farm tasks (getting more foodsave bags and shrink wrapping eight cheddar wheels as well as making dinner and feeding the kids and playdates).  The coast had cleared two hours later and we walked our four dogs and headed to the barnyard to close in the poultry from the predators.  We stopped in the barn to check Katie and SURPRISE there was a baby!


One Response to “First Spring Baby”

  1. Robin Says:

    May the rest of the births be as uneventful! He looks incredible solid and strong. Very nice!

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