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About four years ago, I was in a board meeting at a local museum when a tree trimming guy stopped in and asked if anyone wanted any oak logs for firewood. Being the frugal person I am and having a woodstove, I said yes. The tree trimmer delivered about fifteen ten foot oak logs with two foot diameters. He also emptied a truck of chips. I am still burning those logs and the chips are almost gone.

All this week, they have been trimming the power lines on my street. I chatted up one of the flag guys and gave him my farm card, asking for any extra chips. He told me that lots of people were asking for the chips.

This afternoon, the tree trimming truck drove in with a load. I told the driver I would take any more he had and he laughed and said that nine people had stopped today asking. He said he was doing his best to spread it around the neighborhood. He held out my farm card and asked what I farmed. I told him goats and that I made goat cheese. After the truck was empty, I brought him cheese to thank him. I also told him a few years back I had gotten the logs. He told me they were taking down big trees next week and he’d be sure I got some logs, then he winked and said I’d be getting another load of chips.

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