New tractor!


Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm


2 Responses to “New tractor!”

  1. Walter Jeffries Says:

    Congrats. Looks like ours – merely a differences of color. I had never dreamed I wanted a tractor or how much I could do with one. Once we got one… why everything is a nail. Well, not quite, but we’ve done some amazing projects like terracing the mountain that we would never have tried without it. The kicker is we bought one because putting in our water line, hired out, would be almost as much money as buying the tractor and doing it ourselves. Great tool!

  2. edgwickfarm Says:

    We are loving this baby and changing the landscape with it. I envy your acres; we have a mere nine but we are dividing it into rotating paddocks for the milkers. It is mostly wooded with plenty of browse for the goats but as they eat it down we will need to seed it with a goat friendly pasture mix. Suddenly besides learning how to get a licensed creamery up and running, I am now also learning silvo pasturing.

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