Ok, the ducklings are still all alive…thank goodness.

The ducklings hatched the week before Christmas are HUGE!  And being ducklings, they are making quite the wet mess.  My solution to this is to toss them into the spare bathtub in the downstairs bathroom with several tupperware dishes of water and let them be wild a few times during the day.  After an hour or so, I can quickly rinse and sanitize the tub and return them to their crate for a few quiet hours.  Naptime I guess.

This morning after popping them in the tub and closing the bathroom door, I returned to find Honey, our Golden Retriever IN THE TUB with the ducklings tucked between her paws.  Thankfully they had all theirs heads.  And thank goodness it wasn’t Ruby or Delilah.  Because then they would have been surely headless or completely snarfed down as a snack.

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