Penelope – POG – 2 doelings 2-5-11

Newborn Lottie

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

Penelope had one big fat doeling with black ears and body and one skinny black doeling with silver ears. We brought the skinny one in the house for a little supportive care. Kristina, our volunteer, helped deliver the girls and nursed Margot inside.

Christine and her girls came and loved up the other 16 babies.

8 pregnant does left, 12 does in lactation, 13 doelings (yippee), 5 bucklings, 18 kids total.


3 Responses to “Penelope – POG – 2 doelings 2-5-11”

  1. Mitchell Says:

    Im not any expert on goats but i was wondering if more doelings are more common than bucklings ???

  2. edgwickfarm Says:

    Actually buucklings are more common than doelings. We are having an extraordinary year.

  3. Mitchell Says:

    I would guess that you would be happy about that then !!
    How do you handle a herd of so many goats, you said you milked them i could imagine it would take a long time to do.
    Ive only had experience in visiting a dairy farm in Australia.
    Do you use a mechanical system or is it all done by hand?
    sorry about the questions but i am very intrigued about the goats!

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