Bambi – POG 2-9-11, one surviving buckling









We thought Bambi was laboring fine as we did the milking but the first baby, a brown doeling, was born unresponsive and we couldn’t revive her.  The second, a big spotted black buckling, was alive but weak.  The third born, a brown spotted buckling, was clearly dead.  We are at a loss why except they seemed like they had been tangled and all trying to get at the same time.  Dan insisted the surviving buckling be named Lucky.  We have him in the house for a few hours for TLC.

Seven pregnant does left: Celia, Lucy, Sophie, Clarissa, Daphne, Mary, Josephine

Thirteen does kidded and lactating.

19 kids, 6 bucklings, 13 doelings.


One Response to “Bambi – POG 2-9-11, one surviving buckling”

  1. Mitchell Says:

    Sorry to hear about that
    Hope the little buckling pulls through we lost all of our triplet lambs last year and we could never figure out why

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