Signs of Spring

(Image from Vampire Bear…forgot my camera)

This morning at the end of morning milking when we let the goats and their babies into the exercise yard, we heard our first migrating geese pass high over head.  As a child in Massachusetts, Talitha always enjoyed watching them pass over the farm in the fall and spring.  Here in New York, we seem to have a lot of perpetual residents, always fun to watch fly overhead, more annoying when they pollute the local ponds and baseball fields.  But this morning’s V in the sky with the faint sound of honking of three fold geese was a sure sign of spring.

And with the weather breaking, things are moving and shaking for us too.

In another week or two, we should be able to turn back to our long planned barn renovation.

And tomorrow, Talitha’s cast comes off and physical therapy starts.

The winter has allowed us to rest, regroup, do tons of research and planning and writing, spend time with our beautiful teenagers but we are ready to move on and out into spring.


3 Responses to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Julie Says:


    Just wondering, did all of the goats deliver, or is there more still to come?
    As in your last goat labour post you mentioned there was still more to go

  2. edgwickfarm Says:

    Oh yes, there are more baby goats to come. Lucy, Clarissa, Daphne, Katie and Josephine are all still pregnant. The first three should kid this month and the last two in May and June.

  3. Ellen Nickerson Says:

    Lots of geese flying over Yarmouth Nova Scotia today. A sure sign of spring 11C out.

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