Saturday work


We have a bit of a dilemma.

First, we are about to have too much milk on our hands.  We left the goat babies on their mothers but soon the boys will be going to market and the girls will be weaning.  Right now we get the extra every morning…about two gallons.  This gives us milk for our family and a little extra to play with cheese recipes.  We expect with the change we will have 15 gallons a day.  Since we are just beginning the construction phase and not even close to the licensing phase, we cannot make that milk into cheese to sell.   What to do with all this milk?

Second, we need to muck out the hoop house which means the goats need to be moved out for a full day.

Third, the goats kids need to be trained to electric fence.  With the high snow fall and the exercise pen fence never being turned on over the winter, the goats kids pay it no mind, even sometimes chew it.

We are hoping today’s project solves all those problems.  We built a 48 foot by 40 foot pen out of cattle panels and ran on the inside two electric lines.  We put it in an area that we cleared last year and has four or five stumps.  We will use it first to hold the goats while we muck out the hoop house while at the same time teaching the goats kids (and reminding the does) to respect electric fence.  Then in the next week or two, a couple of piglets (or more) will come to reside there and drink the extra milk.

We may eat all the pork ourselves but we are also looking into selling pork shares. Let us know if a pork share would interest you.

P.S. Thank you Amity…the tutorial worked.


One Response to “Saturday work”

  1. Wynn Klosky Says:

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help with Elizabeth’s “Bobwhite Situation” and introduce us to your goats. What a great space you all have there — can’t wait to visit again (and speak about pork shares, too)!

    BTW, she solved the humidity issue by adding a wetted sponge on foil on top of the quail rails — raised the level right up to 60%. She really likes the hi-tech auto-turning and digital readout! (and who couldn’t love the little tune it plays?) :^)

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