Lucy-Henry, 2 doelings 3-27-11

At 3 am, I checked on Lucy and found two newborn doelings on the ground, damp and dirty but healthy.  I went back to the house and roused the two Dans to come help me in the hoop house and grabbed warm towels and some warm water with molasses.  Dan and Daniel each dried off a baby while I set up a bonding suite for Lucy and milked out some colostrum into a bottle.  I sent Daniel back to bed and we fed the little girls and tucked them into the bonding suite with Lucy.  I checked them this morning when I was walking the dogs and took this picture.  We have named them Peggy and Quincy.


Henry is clearly the daddy and I remember that he escaped the buck pen for one day only.  Efficient fellow!


One Response to “Lucy-Henry, 2 doelings 3-27-11”

  1. loren Says:

    Hi I live in Cornell and accidentally found you!! I am wondering if you have your dairy available for sale directly through you or where I can go to purchase?

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