Tomatoes in the ground

Usually we plant tomatoes around Mother’s Day.  This year with the wet cold spring, it only just got warm enough to get them in the ground.

Emma, Daniel and Talitha built a long raised bed in the new hillside garden out of composted manure and decomposted fall leaves and cover it with black plastic.

We planted fifty nine plants:

12 Roma

7 Yellow pear

4 Early Girl

16 Better Boy

10 Brandywine

2 Cherry

8 Big Beef

We put a stake next to each plant.  We planted rose colored cleome seedlings at each end.

You are probably asking why do we need so many tomatoes?

Mostly we eat them fresh from the time they ripen to the first frost.  The wide variety of tomatoes will offer varied timing on harvest.  We eat fresh tomatoes in every meal during harvest season and snack on the little ones.  When frost hits in October, any tomatoes that have started ripening get layed between newspaper and stored in a closet where they slowly ripen over the next few weeks.  Solid green tomatoes get made into relish or similar recipes and canned.  During the summer harvest, the extra tomatoes are processed into one of three recipes: a basic tomato sauce that is canned, a prima vera sauce that is pressure canned and a roasted tomato, onion, garlic and basil sauce that is frozen.  Our goal this year is to can 100 quarts of the basic sauce, 20 quarts of the prima vera sauce and 20 quarts of the roasted tomato sauce.


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