Saturday Barn Report

Another week done…ended with a lovely picnic in neighboring Black Rock Forest.

Creamery progressed.  Lots of ordering done for the final stages…windows, doors, siding.  Exterior insulation installed and rough in electric started.

It is happening fast.  Ag & Markets coming in the following week.  Fingers crossed for August to be in FULL PRODUCTION!

Chicks and ducklings growing well by house.  Fox tried to kill them, we killed fox instead (finally).  This fox had been picking off the grown chicken, pullet and duck flocks for the last month (mid day!)  and we lost about 12 chickens altogether.  Poor thing was mangy and skinny and did not look like those chickens had fed it well at all.

Chicken tractor finished and delivered. Major snafu…the trailer we had bought for the base was TOO SMALL for the tractor that was built on it.  Looking hard for a wagon base to replace it.

There are acorn squash growing in the garden. Yummy!

Talitha’s kids return in a week.  It has been a quiet month without them and Dan’s boys have been busy and away as well.  Another week and things return to “normal”.


One Response to “Saturday Barn Report”

  1. jan Says:

    It’s really happening!

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