Weekly Barn Report

Whoops…make that monthly barn report. We blinked our eyes and August was gone in a poof! Here is a brief summary of what happened on the farm.

It was a very wet month that ended with a tropical storm and over eight inches of rain in a 24 hour period. The hoop house flooded and we lost eight large trees that came down with out destroying any property. We’ll have enough firewood until 2013! here is Daniel next to the biggest, a huge walnut tree, over 100 years old.

On the evening of August 19th a hail and windstorm struck while we were in the hoop house milking. We had never experienced such weather and were able to observe how the hoop house handled it. Outdoors the ground looked like it has snowed.

The creamery construction progressed and is nearing the end in the coming weeks. The siding is complete, the lighting and electricity has been installed, the windows and outside doors are in. We are working on painting the floors and then we can start moving equipment in.

We moved the chickens to the chicken tractor in the driveway (still looking for wagon wheels so it can be moveable). It has been interesting to have the chickens closer to the house. The roosters all crow at 5 am and wake us up. In October, we will butcher all the extra roosters.

We had a broody hen and stuck eggs under her and now have seven chicks hopping around. very cute!

The pigs are move than ready for butchering and have been thriving on milk, corn and scraps from Painters’ Restaurant and Hudson Street Cafe.

A traveling butcher will be coming in this month we hope. Then we will find two more piglets.

The bees survived all the wet weather.

The garden suffered from neglect and the weather.  Right before the tropical storm, we harvested 2 five gallon buckets of tomatoes.

These made great sauce that we canned.

At the beginning of the month, with the help of volunteers, a whole herd health check was done and everyone’s hooves were trimmed and all the doelings vaccinated.

POG, our Nubian buck was moved in with the does and the doelings were moved in with Henry, our Boer buck.  Both have performed their purpose in life and everyone has been bred.  Babies will start to come at the end of January.

We had the opportunity to purchase seven six month old Alpine doelings out of http://www.doesleap.com/.  They are such beautiful sweet girls and the perfect addition to the herd.


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