Where whey goes on our farm…

This chicken is sneaking a snack from a five gallon bucket filled with whey.  Did you know that when you make cheese from goat’s milk, you average a 10% yield of cheese from the milk and 90% whey?  We end up with a lot of whey after cheesemaking here at Edgwick farm.  For the most part, it goes directly to the pigs that results in a wonderful sweet pork.  However, right now we do not have pigs so we are using it in many ways on the farm.

  • We are spreading it in the garden to fertilize the soil.
  • We are pouring it in the compost bins for the same reason.
  • We feed it instead of water to the chickens and ducks.
  • We are feeding it diluted back to the goats.
  • We are spreading it in the grazing paddocks to increase fertility.
  • We are using it in cooking and baking instead of water.
  • We are soaking our feet in it to fight fungus issues.

2 Responses to “Where whey goes on our farm…”

  1. Kathy Eastwood Says:

    Whey, as I found out recently, is great for skin and hair.You can use it as a rinse after a shampoo or condition clean hair with whey, let dry and then rinse out. It’s suppose to leave hair very smooth and shiny due to the protien and vitamin A. Whey is good as a skin toner too. After cleaning face, use a cotton ball and dab some whey onto the face.

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