Exciting News – NYS Commissioner of Agriculture is coming for Ribbon Cutting!

From: Executive.Chamber.Operations@chamber.state.ny.us
To: edgwickfarm@aol.com
Sent: 12/15/2011 1:45:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Representative attending on behalf of Governor Cuomo

December 15, 2011

Dan Jones
Edgwick Farm

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for inviting Governor Cuomo to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony in February. He was honored that you thought of him for this important occasion and he appreciated hearing from you.

On behalf of the Governor, I regret to inform you that his schedule will not permit him to attend this event. However, because your event is important to him, he would like to offer Darrel Aubertine, Commissioner, to attend on his behalf. If you would like him to attend, please feel free to contact his office at 518-457-8876 to discuss the necessary arrangements.

I thank you again for your thoughtful invitation and send the Governor’s best wishes for a successful event. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 518-474-4727.

Warmest regards.


Nicholas Weatherbee

Director of Scheduling

Cc: Department of Agriculture and Markets

One Response to “Exciting News – NYS Commissioner of Agriculture is coming for Ribbon Cutting!”

  1. Ellen Nickerson Says:

    What happened to the place where a person can go from your blog to mom and Amity? The blogs are very interesting.

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