Cheese and Cholesterol

“I love cheese but my doctor doesn’t let me eat it because of my cholesterol levels.”   We hear this at almost every farmer’s market that we offer our farmstead goat’s milk cheese.

A new study has shown what we have always known – cheese is not a health villain.

The Danish study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a high cheese diet – around a ¼ pound a day, did not increase cholesterol levels, in fact it lowered it.

This counteracts the belief that cheese should be off limits to people worried by cholesterol.  There is a growing body of evidence that suggests cheese can be enjoyed in a well-balanced diet without concern for cholesterol.

However we think quality over quantity is the key.  Good handcrafted cheese offers several benefits, pleasure among them: curbing the appetite, anti-oxidant properties, metabolism of fats and proteins, a full complement of amino acids for our overall well-being, and many others.

Our philosophy is that you should eat a little bit good handcrafted cheese every day!


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