A second doeling was born this morning that we expect to keep and add to the herd.  Patricia gave birth to a large 10 pound buckling and this gorgeous girl who we named Beatrice.  Her sire is POG.  Her mother, grandmother and great grandmother are all fabulous milkers so we expect her to be as well.  With the snowstorm swirling outside, she is tucked in the goat playpen inside the house (and her brother as well).  Amber Rose is happy to finally have some company.  And of course the human kids (including Gabe in the picture above) are happy to have more baby goats to cuddle, feed and play with.

2 Responses to “Beatrice”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Oh fantastic, did the mother come inside as well to feed the wee girlie!? We are waiting on the sheep. But no-one is due quite yet!.. Daisy my cow is not due until May then i will be milking.. c

  2. Edgwick Farm Says:

    Actually we have a lovely warm and cozy hoop house which houses all the milking ladies so Bess did stay outside and is doing well. Good luck with your sheep and cow. Birthing is such an adventure! We have several more in labor so we will have a busy night and/or Sunday!

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