Saturday Barn Report

Finally we have winter weather with snow falling this morning.  The chickens are having nothing to do with it, staying put in their coops.  The dogs had a great romp in the snow.  The wild birds are flocking to the feeders and suet like mad.  The ducks have ventured out to take a bath in the heated water but then retreated back into the coop.  The goats are happily munching on hay, safe and warm in the hoop house.

Patricia is in labor so we expect baby goats before the end of the day.  It is her due date and all seems to be going well.  It has been a rough week with Mary, Dreamer and Victoria kidding early because of fetal losses.  We did get Amber Rose out of it and she is doing well in the house with lots of TLC.  She is walking around and eating well and much more aware for longer periods of time.  We should be able to move her back to the hoop house this week to go into a special kid pen with any kids born in the coming days.  Dr. Kate came to help with Victoria’s labor and checked the dead fetuses.  She couldn’t figure out any specific reason for what was happening and surmised it might be the weird weather or simply a random event.  Although the three does are milking well because of antibiotic treatments we won’t have milk to use for cheese making until next week.

We are so looking forward to learning the new rhythm in our new facility.  It has been years of planning and preparing and here we are about to start living our dream.   We have enjoyed our rest period over the last six weeks but are ready to get back into a daily routine of milking and cheese making.


One Response to “Saturday Barn Report”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Such bad luck losing the kids. I hope things go better for you all now.. we have sheep and cows on a small sustainable scale, no goats yet though.. c

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