Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – day before thoughts

We are ready!  Everything is spic and span.  The program is planned out.  The speakers confirmed.  The volunteers are primed.  Hudson Street Cafe is catering and Donna has baked delicious pastries with our cheeses.  Our cheese for tasting is prepped and our cheese for sale is in the coolers (for after the celebration ends).  The police will handle the road and parking.  The baby goats are practicing their adorable looks for photo ops.

What a day we have ahead of us tomorrow!  

Five years ago Dan and I started exploring this dream of ours to make farmstead cheese from our own goats’ milk.  While we have always been close to farming in one or another, wanting fresh local food for ourselves drove us to this dream.  

We have always gardened, foraged, hunted, raised our own meat to bring fresh local food to our table.  We started with goats to bring fresh milk to our table.  But you have to breed your goats to bring them into lactation every year.  Suddenly we had more goats and more milk than we needed.  What do you do?  You make cheese.  Then we had too much cheese for ourselves and started sharing it here in the Cornwall community.

What a response we had!  So in 2007, we started exploring whether it could be a viable business.  And now 5 years later we are here and we are confident it will be.

We could have never gotten to this point without the help and support of so many people.  

Our great five teenagers, Emma, Daniel, Gabe, Aidan and Conor

Our extended family, especially Talitha’s father, Harry and Babs

Our many many friends in the Hudson Valley who tasted our constant cheese experiments and encouraged us to keep moving forward

Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County, especially Audrey Reith and Lucy Joyce

Peter Dixon, our cheese making teacher

The NYS Department of Ag & Markets, especially Therese Gonzalez and Michael Lennon

Taconic Design who took our ideas and created site plan

The Cornwall Planning Board that vetted and approved that site plan

Our constructions crew that not only build this gorgeous building but chased and caught the occasional loose goat…Rick from Stony Mountain Excavating, Jake and Marty from M & J Masonry, Kevin and his crew from Double K Construction, Greg and Marco from Agresti Plumbing & Heating, Cade and Billy from Wire Nutz.

And so many more…





One Response to “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – day before thoughts”

  1. Scrapple & Sweetbreads :) Says:

    Very exciting! Good luck today, wish we could be there! Have fun and enjoy the moment!

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