Saturday Barn Report

Another week on the farm done.  Time seems to be flying by!  With kidding season almost over and spring here, we are falling into a more regular routine.  There is so much to be done on a day to day basis.  We are lucky to have the help of our teenagers and some great interns, Rachel and Lauren.

This week Naomi had a big doeling we named Louise.  We moved all the bucklings off the farm to our hay guy’s farm who is raising them for meat.   We weaned the older doelings.  Baby feeding time has become a lot more easier, thankfully.  Five pregnant goats are left to kid: Lucy, Sophie, Peggy, On and Ruth.  By the end of April we will be milking 40 does!  We recently rebred Josephine and Katie who will kid in late August if they took.

All the lactating goats are starting to pick up on production.  Consequently we are making more cheese, especially cheddar.  We were also able to experiment with a bloomy rind soft goat cheese.  We’ll know how that comes out in a few weeks.  Our open farm hours have been very successful and many many families have come to the farm to meet the goats and taste cheese.  Painters, Hudson Street Café and Backyard Bistro have also been using our Canterbury in their menus.  Today we are doing a special tasting at Warwick Valley Wines with pairings between their award winning wines and our cheeses.  We are very excited.

The grass is growing and the leaves sprouting on the trees and bushes.  The goats are anxious to get out into the woods.  Next week we’ll start building our rotational grazing paddocks with moveable electric fencing and get those girls out!

We are delivering fertilized chicken and duck eggs to schools and friends to incubate and hatch.  The first batch hatches on Monday so we may have ducklings on the farm soon.

If you are wondering where to find our cheese this week, look for us tomorrow, Sunday, April 1, at the farm, 348 Angola Road, Cornwall, noon to 2 pm.  There will be a Cornwall Winter Farmer’s Market from 4 to 5 pm by Ring’s Pond on Thursday, April 5th.  And next Saturday, April 7, 2012, from noon to 2 pm, we will have open farm hours.  Do not hestitate to call Talitha at 845-401-2301 if you have any special Easter orders.


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