Sugar Mountain Farm Kick Starter

Many many years ago, we began reading the Sugar Mountain Farm blog to learn about raising pastured pigs.  Walter and Holly and his family were an inspiration for us and provided us with so much solid knowledge and guidance.  We took the plunge and have raised pastured pigs here at Edgwick Farm.

Right now Sugar Mountain Farm has launched a kickstarter campaign to build an on farm UDSA butcher shop.  Please check it out at

We certainly wish that they lived in the Hudson Valley and were building it here.  There is a real dearth of USDA butcher shops.  That has been our biggest obstacle in our pig projects.

Best of luck Walter and Holly!

One Response to “Sugar Mountain Farm Kick Starter”

  1. sugarmtnfarm Says:

    I wanted to update you on the project here at your blog and thank you for helping us spread the word. We just made 100% funding of our goal for the butcher shop. Any additional funds will be able to go towards the next step in our project, the on-farm slaughter and then later the smokehouse. Check out this post:

    To visit our project see:


    Walter Jeffries
    Sugar Mountain Farm
    West Topsham, VT

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