Raw Goat Milk!

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We are pleased to announce that in about a week, we should have final approval to sell on our farm and directly to the consumer our own RAW GOAT MILK.  Now isn’t that exciting!

Today we sent in a sample of our raw milk to be tested for six different pathogens and we should get results in about a week.  And this will get done monthly as well as a monthly farm inspection to make sure you are get the safest possible milk.

Here are the preliminary details:

1. The raw goat milk will cost $5 per quart.

2.  You must come to the farm to purchase it and bring your own container.

3.  We will announce set hours to do that.  Most likely one weekend day and one week day evening.  Do you have any preferences?

4.  We have to keep track of who buys the milk in case of a recall if a milk test comes back with a pathogen result.  Our inspector said a notebook with name, date, contact info and amount of milk would be sufficient.

5.  Raw milk is fresh and delicious and full of natural microbes and enzymes.  We have been drinking it all our lives and have never had any issue with it.  However, you cannot treat it like store bought milk.  You should have a cooler in your vehicle to transport it.  You should only buy what you can drink in a few days.  It will start to get goaty after five or more days.  You should wash your containers very well and maybe even sanitize them with a weak chlorine solution.

We’ll keep you posted!

E-mail us at edgwickfarm@gmail.com with questions and comments!


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