Saturday Barn report

All is well here at the farm and easing into a smoother routine with kidding behind us.

We are now milking all forty does twice a day in groups of four for ten rounds.   They eagerly line up in the lane to come in for their meal of grain of goat chow and then out to the holding pen to snack on alfalfa pellets and kelp.   We are bottle feeding Miss Nellie but everyone else has been weaned.  After milking, the does and kids go out to pasture to graze and browse until late afternoon.   We change the grazing pen once a week.

The spring chicks have joined the flock.  We are awaiting the summer chicks which should hatch in their elementary classrooms in the next week or so.  The ducklings have lost their down and their voices have changed from peeps to quacks.  We sell out of our eggs every week.

We make cheese every single day with our fresh milk.  With our new raw milk license, our on-farm milk sales have been increasing as word spreads.  We are starting to attend local famer’s markets, festivals and fundraisers.  The restaurants have been featuring our cheese in their specials and making weekly orders.

We have wonderful part time apprentices: Rachel, Lauren, Jamin, Jon, Grace and Jolene.  Of course, our teenagers help quite a bit as well.  We are looking to put two full time apprentices, preferably a couple or two close friends, into our tiny farm cottage so drop us a line if you are interested.

We have had to put our garden on hold this year, as well as replacing the bees we lost in last October’s freak snowstorm.  We really want to pick up some piglets to consume the whey left over from cheesemaking but that may also be a project for next year.  We need to get a year of commercial cheesemaking under our belt and we are making that our sole focus.

Nevertheless we have ideas percolating….on farm classes in backyard goat keeping, backyard poultry, home cheesemaking; a beer and cheese appetizer evening with guest brewer and vegetable farmer as well as us cheesemakers; open farm days with fun filled activities.   Keep in touch with us.Image


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