National Cheese Day – June 4th


No whey – June 4th is National Cheese Day!  (Not to be confused with National Cheese Lovers’ Day, in January, or National Cheese Ball Day, which was in April.)

While the origins of cheese are unknown, ancient people used cheese as a way to store milk for the winter that they had from the spring.  Today, cheese is made from good bacteria and rennet that have been added to pasteurized milk.  The formed curds and whey are cut and then heated.  The whey is drained out and the curds are salted, pressed and aged cheeses are cured.

Celebrate this national holiday with your favorite cheese.  We hope it is one of ours!

One Response to “National Cheese Day – June 4th”

  1. Nancy Mahoney Says:

    I saw you wanted pigs for whey consumption. I have a recipe for cheese made from whey.

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