Saturday Barn Report

Hello there!

We’re still here but we’ve been spending far more time in the make room making cheese or at farmer’s markets than in front of the computer catching you all up with our doings.

All is well here at Edgwick Farm and as always, we appreciate your support of our farm.

The goats are hitting their peak of lactation so the milking is literally overflowing the chiller and we find ourselves making multiple batches of cheese.  Everyday after milking the ladies prance out to the pasture and in the recent heat wave, browse in the cool woods.  Bianci has left the boys’ club and now grazes with girls protecting them.  At night when the does come into the hoop house, she stays out on the pasture and drives off the deer, foxes and coyote.

There has been much demand for our free range chicken and duck eggs but supply has been low.  We are not sure whether it is the heat or that eggs are being tucked away in places other than the chicken tractor and duck house.  We are trying to sort out how to increase the flocks in a sustainable manner to meet the egg demand next year.

Now that is July, we are starting to think about breeding season beginning in mid August and backing down to once a day milking in September and drying off by the end of October.  Time is flying by.  Henry and POG are looking forward to spending time with the ladies.

We are looking for interns if anyone is interested.  We can provide housing and a stipend and much experience in all aspects of running a goat microdairy and creamery.  E-mail Talitha at

We are at the Cornwall Farmer’s Market Wednesday and the first Saturday of the month, Goshen on Fridays and Ringwood on Saturdays with our farmstead cheeses.  Follow our Facebook for up to the minute details and special events.

Licensed raw goat’s milk is available daily at the farm during milking hours, 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7 pm. Call Dan at 914-213-9513 with questions about the raw milk.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!



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