RIP Queenie

We rarely lose a mature goat here at Edgwick Farm but today we lost Queenie.  Our vet, Dr. Kate Greenberg identified that she had  developed a thymona, a large growing tumor in her thoracic cavity and caused by the thyroid gland.  Queenie had been losing weight and not eating in her usual robust manner so we asked Dr. Kate to look at her.  Dr. Kate told us thymonas are more common in dairy goats than any other domesticated animal but unfortunately are untreatable and inoperatable.  Cara  had been giving Queenie extra love and trying to coax her to eat over the last few weeks.  Last night Queenie died peacefully in her sleep and we buried her this morning in the back pasture near where her favorite multi-flora rose bush grows.  Here are a few pictures:

Queenie was a sweet goat, a good milker, a fabulous mother and one that would never miss a meal until she got sick.


6 Responses to “RIP Queenie”

  1. Kasha Says:

    I’m so sorry…. RIP Queenie.

  2. Teri Says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. So sad.

  3. jan Says:

    Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

  4. Chris C - Ringwood, NJ Says:

    My sympaties on your loss. RIP Queenie…

  5. cecilia Says:

    Oh I am so sorry, what a thing to happen.. the hardest thing about living with our animals is losing one.. c

  6. Scrapple Says:

    Awe, sorry to hear about Queenie, Talitha. Hope you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving

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