Saturday Barn Report August 30, 2013


August ends today and the farm is moving into its next phase as the milk production slows and then stops in October as the does’ pregnancies advance, the weather cools and the leaves change and we ready for winter.

Most have the does have been bred by now which means babies will be born starting January 12th and continue in an enormous wave for two weeks with over 100 babies expected.  Henry, our Boer buck, has done most of the breeding and is now tired.  POG and Orville, our purebred Nubian bucks, bred a selected set of does and are ready to go in with the herd for “wrap-up.”

We have moved to milking only in the mornings and have even started drying off some of the lower producing does.  Less milk means less cheese production and we are now only making fresh chevre and once in a while fresh ri”goat”a (ricotta).  The cheese cave is still packed full with the aging cheeses:  feta, cheddar, beer washed tommes, parmesan and the last of the bloomies.  There will be more than enough cheese available until the goats freshen again in midJanuary.

Summer markets end during the last week of October and first week of November but winter markets start up in November.  You can find us on the first and third Saturdays at the Cornwall Winter Farmer’s Market at St. John’s church, the third Saturday at Ringwood Winter Farmer’s Market and every Sunday at the Beacon Farmer’s Market.  We are still sorting out how often we will be at Bialas Farms on Tuesdays.

The pullets have started laying and over two dozen eggs a day have been coming in.  The Araucanas bless us with a couple of blue eggs each day so we make sure each dozen that goes to market includes a blue egg.  The chickens are eating insects like crazy and have even stripped any low hanging grape vines of immature grapes.  They are very entertaining.

We are turning to fall clean-up on the farm.  We are starting to prep and store our winter firewood.  We are starting to plan for 2014.  We are looking forward to a restful couple of months.  We thank you for all of your support of our farm.


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