Happy Labor Day!

The work of a goat dairy farmer  is quite different than an average 9-5 job.  It is a 24/7/365 sort of lifestyle.

Everyday – two times per day for eight months and then once a day for two months – the goats need to be milked.  That means 7 days a week, including holidays, we and our amazing staff are up before dawn tending to our goats and taking care of the farm.   Non-farmers can roll “to-do” list items to the next day, the following week or cross them off the priority list entirely but for us, milking, feeding and farm chores are the daily docket NO MATTER WHAT.

Though the work is tough, it is a lifestyle we choose for the following reasons:

(1) Farming is a family affair.  Farming lets Dan and I spend everyday together, working side by side and with our children.


(2) We also choose to be dairy goat farmers because we love caring for and working with our goat herd.  We love the goat kidding season every year, watching our babies grow into beautiful milkers and producing quality goat cheeses on which people thrive.  Caring for these animals has been a great environment to raise our children and teach responsibility.


(3) We also do this because we love the land.  We love being outside watching the sun rise and the sun set, hearing the birds, catching a shooting star streaking across the sky.  On our farm, we experience the complete cycle of life, from birth to death.  We are also able to see our goats eat fresh pasture, produce rich creamy milk and then turn that into nutritious high quality goat cheese, an incredible natural cycle in itself.


On this Labor Day, we are very appreciative of our lifestyle, demanding as it is.   And we are appreciative of you, our customers, because without you supporting our farm and our hard work, we couldn’t be here in Cornwall, New York.


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