New cheese…Funny Child…Ale Washed Goat Milk Tomme

Did you know we name our cheeses after local landmarks?

Our newest cheese, an ale washed alpine style goats milk cheese (or a Tomme), is named after Funny Child Creek, an innocent, shallow stream quietly zig-zagging its way through the Mailler Avenue neighborhood of Cornwall on its way to the Hudson River.  Cheesemaker Dan grew up playing in it and because this creek and this cheese is dear to his heart, he chose the name.

We made our first batch back in January and made this video of it’s first ale wash.  After this first batch aged, the Newburgh Brewing Company who made the Brown Ale we washed it with bought the entire batch to serve on their cheese plate at the Brewery.

So we made six more batches.

Cheesemaker Dan worked endless hours washing the beers over a two month period:

washing beer cheese

Then we aged it for four months:

2013-06-02 11.28.58

Today it came out of the cave to be cut up for its premiere at market:







Starting tomorrow, at all of our markets except New Amsterdam on Sunday, we will have samples to taste and quarter pound wedges for $9 each to purchase and take home.  There are a limited number of wheels in our cave, about 50 now (since we had a rush of chefs at the farm today grabbing wheels for their restaurants).  Come get your cheese!


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