Our lovely farm intern, Cara…

We’d like to share our farm intern’s reflection on her first year here at the farm:

Cara March 2011

Life as a Farmer: Year 1

October 1, 2013 at 7:29am

Exactly one year ago I moved onto Edgwick Farm and started a new chapter in my life. In one year I have fallen in love with this place, these animals, and these people. It started off as a job…but turned into a lifestyle. And I can’t imagine a life without goats.


This past winter I gave tours of the farm. It was amazing to see people’s first reactions to the goats. Over and over I heard the phrase “I never knew!” And that was my reaction the first time I visited the farm in March of 2011. After that I found myself volunteering on the farm, especially during kidding season helping with the bottle feeding. Snuggling a baby goat makes all of your troubles disappear. In September of last year I was (finally) given the opportunity to work on the farm…and move into a little cottage behind the creamery. And the rest is history!


Here are some things I have learned over the last year:

1) Pay attention to everything you are told. You are learning from people that have done this for a long time and their knowledge is invaluable.

2) If you have the opportunity to nap, take it. It makes all the difference.

3) Hands on experience is way more valuable that anything you will read in a book or learn in a class.

4)Make sure to decipher between “farm clothes” and “non-farm clothes”, otherwise all of your clothes will be farm clothes.

5)Do not name an animal that you know you have to say goodbye to. It makes it that much harder.

6)You will fall in love with these beautiful creatures and prefer to spend your time with them instead of humans.

7)With so much life, death is inevitable. It will be painful. I can’t say that it will become easier, because it won’t…but you will slowly come to realize that these goats had the best life imaginable and it was their time to go. There was nothing else you could have done to prevent it (even though you think there might have been.)


Here’s to one more year!


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