Monday FAQ: Is this goat cheese?

When customers walk up to our farmer’s market table, depending upon the time of year, they will see a wide variety of cheeses for sale, hard cheeses, soft cheeses, flavored cheeses, bloomy rind cheeses.  And the question often posed is: “Is this goat cheese?”

When most people think of goat cheese, they think only of soft spreadable fresh cheese or chevre (in fact, chevre, means “goat cheese” in French).  However, you can use goat milk to make any cheese as long as you follow the cheese making recipe.  Cheese is basically milk, culture, and rennet.  Different types of cheese are a result of different combinations of culture used, temperature control, and cooking time.

We use our own fresh goat milk to make cheddar, tomme, feta, bloomy rinds and ricotta as well as the classic soft spreadable goat cheese.  We hope you enjoy it!Hanging Canterbury


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