Saturday Barn Report February 1st 2014

We are back in the swing of things at the farm.  Milking, feeding and caring for animals, cheese making!

The first big wave of babies came a couple weeks ago and the 32 does that kidded have milk flowing like crazy.  With finally enough milk to run the vat, we fired it up and made multiple batches of fresh goat cheese.  Most of that went out to our restaurant customers who had sorely missed having it on their menus for the last three months.  The rest we prepped for winter farmer’s markets and farm tours making Canterbury medallions, Marinated Canterbury and Rosemary Fig Canterbury.

Only Helga was born this week, bringing the number of “keepers” up to eight doelings.  They are growing fast and drink their bottles easily now.  They love to play and leap around the kid pen.  Dixie actually climbed the bench and leaped over the wall one morning so we had to move the bench.  Their little horn buds emerged enough for dehorning so that loathsome chore was completed.

Dixie 1-29-14

We have a dozen or so does due to kid over the next two weeks and then we take a break until April for the last few.  Tours start today and we are very excited to show off our farm and teach families where their food comes from.  With increasing milk volume, we should start making our goat cheddar and ale-washed goat tome as well as our feta.  These cheeses will age until the summer farmer’s markets start.  Dan can’t wait to start his daily ale washing!

Thanks again for supporting our farm!

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