Recipe Sunday: Goat Cheese Penguins

Wouldn’t this be adorable at your Super Bowl party tonight?

penguin goat cheese snacks

You’ll need:
– Pitted Black Olives;  Jumbo for the bodies and medium size for the heads and buttons.
– 1 or 2 carrots, peeled and sliced as directed below.
– Toothpicks or cocktail picks long enough to skewer through entire penguin (head, body,
and carrot “feet”.
– Chilled goat cheese.
– Red pepper for the jaunty bow ties
– A small sharp knife
– A small butter or canape knife (blunt, rounded blade.)
– Damp paper towels or kitchen towel for wiping fingers and tidying goat cheese from
olive “bodies” after filling and assembling.
– Platter, tray, mirror or plate for serving

Slit jumbo olive lengthwise and fill with goat cheese (this is the body, the cheese is the “tuxedo shirt”).

I used chilled goat cheese (because it is easier to work with chilled) and filled the ‘tummy’ using a small butter or canape knife (cheese spreader knife.)

Gently wipe “body” with damp cloth or paper towel to tidy any  cheese smears. Use the medium size olive for the head (point the hole where the pit was removed to the back of the penguin body.)

Peel and slice a carrot into thin rounds for the “feet”, cut a small pie-shaped wedge from each carrot slice (reserving the “pie” shaped triangular piece for the penguins “beak”.)

Insert a toothpick through head, the body and into the carrot “feet” base.
Insert reserved triangular piece of carrot into the small “x” shaped hole at end of medium-size olive for “beak”.
Cut small triangles from the red pepper for the jaunty bow tie.  Slice a small olive for the buttons.
Arrange on serving platter;  if not serving immediately, cover gently with cling-film and refrigerate until serving time.

2 Responses to “Recipe Sunday: Goat Cheese Penguins”

  1. deliciousdaydreams Says:

    I applaud the adorableness of these! They look like they took forever! Love love love them. Cute wedding appetizer, too.

  2. Becky Says:

    We make those around Christmas every year. But when we make them, we make a ham ball covered with cream cheese (chevre) and then take a toothpick and go around it and make it look like an igloo. And then we cut little squares of cream cheese and make it look like an opening for the igloo. And serve it with crackers.

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