Honey Bee Boot Camp 2014

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Honey Bee Boot Camp

Cost for all 3 sessions: $75

(Class will be limited to 15 people)

This hands-on class will take you through all the steps of beginner beekeeping – from setting up a hive and receiving bees to managing your hive and maintaining routine inspections.

Day 1 (Sunday, April 13th 1pm-3pm): Learn the different parts of a hive, the tools needed for beekeeping, the right location, and beekeeping gear. Jump right in and work as a group to assemble a hive in preparation for bees, including adding foundations to the frames.

Day 2 (Last weekend of April (26th or 27th)) – date and time will be determined depending on bee pick-up): Learn how to install new bees into a hive, starting with the preparation of the smoker, opening the packages to release the bees, and placing the queen’s cage within the hive.

Day 3 (Sunday, May 11th 1pm-3pm): Learn how to do a hive inspection. Each person will get a chance to inspect a hive: check for different stages of bee development (egg, larvae, capped brood), see comb development, and look for signs of nectar and pollen.

If you are interested in taking part in this class, email edgwickfarm@gmail.com.

Once you receive confirmation, print out and mail the form Honey Bee Boot Camp PDF with full payment (checks made out to Edgwick Farm) by March 31st to:

 Edgwick Farm

348 Angola Road

Cornwall, NY 12518

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