Where to Find Us April 5th and 6th 2014

We finally have another weekend of indoor winter farmer’s markets. We have missed seeing all of our regular customers! Cornwall’s is Saturday 11 am to 3 pm indoor at St. John’s Church, 66 Clinton Street. Beacon’s is Sunday 11 am to 3 pm indoors at Scenic Hudson’s River House, 8 Red Flynn Road. Talitha will be at both markets while Dan, Aidan and Cara handle the weekend farm tours and make cheese at the farm.

To both markets, we will be bringing fresh Canterbury goat cheese, Marinated Canterbury, Rosemary Fig Canterbury, Moodna feta and Sackett Ridge hard cheese. (Sadly, the 2013 Funny Child has sold out and the 2014 batches won’t be ready until the summer markets start.)

As a treat and something to spice up your early spring meals, we have made horseradish Canterbury. We have mixed horseradish in with our fresh soft goat cheese, making a spread that has a tasty kick! Pick up a 4 ounce log of this goody for $7, quantities are limited but if you like it, we will make more for the April 13th Beacon and the April 19th Cornwall markets. Let us know!

E-mail us at edgwickfarm@gmail.com for any special orders or if you would like your raw milk order filled (this is only for existing customers who have been to the farm for milk pick up and will be trading in milk jars.)

Our upcoming tours this weekend and for all of the coming week are fully booked. Check our Facebook page or e-mail us for availability. Families coming on these tours will get to meet all the growing babies born in January and February as well as the new chicks and any babies that are born this month! Cara, our herd manager gives the guided tours and Big Dan will be doing the cheese tastings and milk tastings. Don’t miss out – the tours end April 30th. Book yours today!

Before you know it, Easter will be here on the 20th. We are thinking of making chocolate chevre truffles for pick up at the farm on the 16th -19th and available at the Cornwall and Ringwood markets on the 19th. Let us know if you would be interested.


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