DIY Milk Kefir Class May 17th 1 to 2 pm


This class will show you how to make your own milk kefir. Yes, yes, you can learn to do this watching videos on the web. That’s how we did it. But what you will skip are the numerous hours of doubt whether you ruined the whole batch and had to dump the whole concoction only to find out later it was all good. Yup. Did that. Even had to dump a whole batch of kefir grains because we thought we’d killed them all. Nothing like seeing it with your own eyes! This is your chance to learn all about making your own milk kefir without the anxious moments. That’s priceless!

Why make milk kefir?

It is quite well known that we humans living in this modern world are woefully lacking in beneficial gut bacteria. And it is also well known that if your gut is not well, illness follows. So milk kefir is chock full of good bacteria. You know. Probiotics. Immune booster probiotics. Some claim that milk kefir has up to 50 times more probiotics than yogurt. There are those who claim that they hardly ever get sick after consuming milk kefir regularly. So making milk kefir is having your own probiotics factory! What could be more awesome than that?

This is what we will cover in class:
– Kefir History
– Health Benefits
– Homemade vs. Commercial Kefir
– How to make Kefir
– Common problems
– Cooking with Kefir

Class fee is $15 per person. A limited amount of kefir grains will be available for sale at the end of class for $20 as well as raw goat milk for $5/quart (bring clean glass mason jars to fill please). Think about a cooler in your vehicle to keep everything cold on the ride home.

Please rsvp to

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