Cooling Grant Awarded to Edgwick Farm

Press Release: May 16, 2014

Contact : Talitha Thurau

( 845) 534-8707

Cooling Grant Awarded to Edgwick Farm

Edgwick Farm, a small family owned and operated farm in Cornwall NY, that produces farmstead goat milk cheese, has been awarded a cooling grant from the Cornell Cooperative Extension to further develop its Funny Child line of cheese.

Last year, Edgwick Farm experimented with an Alpine style hard cheese washed daily for two weeks with Newburgh Brewing Company’s Brown Ale before aging the cheese for five months.  When the first batch was tasted, Newburgh Brewing Company quickly purchased the entire batch for sale at its Brewery in Newburgh, NY.

Edgwick Farm decided to name the cheese Funny Child after Funny Child Creek, an innocent, shallow stream quietly zig-zagging its way through the Mailler Avenue neighborhood of Cornwall on its way to the Hudson River. (Cheesemaker Dan Jones grew up playing in this creek and because this creek and this cheese is dear to his heart, he chose the name.)

Six more batches were made but aging was space was limited in the creamery so production had to be suspended.  Demand for the cheese at local farmers markets was high and the cheese quickly sold out.

Luckily, a grant program launched statewide by Cornell Cooperative Extension and funded through New York State Department of Agriculture came to Edgwick Farm’s attention.  As the grant program’s name indicates – “Increasing Cooling Space for Small Farm’s” – it was exactly what Edgwick Farm needed to produce Funny Child again.  Edgwick Farm applied and was one of 65 New York farmers awarded funding.

Cooler pictures 5-16-14 005This grant has allowed Edgwick Farm to install a three door commercial cooler in its creamery that can hold up to 800 pounds of Funny Child wheels for aging.    Since production began in January 2014, Cheese maker Dan has already made 12 batches (or 520 pounds) of Funny Child, all washed with Newburgh Brewing Company’s Brown Ale.  Funny Child can be found again at local farmers markets this summer.

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