Saturday Barn Report June 21, 2014

Everything is so green and lush on the farm.  Walking the dogs in the morning seems like a walk through the jungle.  It is curious because we had such a hard cold winter and a late spring.

Farm Foto Friday 003

Knock on wood…we seem to have gotten our fox problem under control by being extra vigilant and releasing the dogs when we hear any squawking.  We lost most of our young pullets and half our laying hens in early June when the fox (or foxes) came through the farm in the middle of the day for chicken buffet.  Our egg supply has been harshly diminished.

Farm Foto Friday 008

While the fox did get three ducklings, it does not bother the grown ducks.  Our early spring ducklings are full grown and we look forward to their egg laying.

Farm Foto Friday 037

The goats have been out for daily afternoon walks and grazing.  We should have built our temporary electric fence grazing paddocks before everything grew so lush.  Now it will be a big job to clear a path for the lines and none of us seem to have large chunks of time for that project.  Our keepers are almost grown up.

Farm Foto Friday 023

We have been milking for five months and having reached peak lactation, have started getting less milk every day.  This will continue until we go to morning milking in August and dry off the goats in October.  Less milk means less cheese making and we have turned to making primarily our fresh cheeses.  Raw milk sales have exploded so significant milk has been diverted that way.  Luckily we made all of our aged cheeses and have almost six thousand pounds of it stored in our caves.  Among this is our ale washed cheese, Funny Child, which will return to the market next month.

Farm Foto Friday 030

It is market season for us and we spend much of the week off the farm.  This year we have one bi-weekly market, Cornwall Farmer’s Market, four weekly markets, Goshen Farmer’s Market, Ringwood Farmer’s Market, Beacon Farmer’s Market and West Point Farmer’s Market and one monthly market New Amsterdam Market.  During this busy time of the year, we do no farm tours.

Farm Foto Friday 035


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