Why we feed pumpkins to our goats (by Cara Meling)

MacKenzie and pumpkins


By the end of October there is not much left for the goats to browse on so instead of staying out on pasture, the girls go on daily walks for exercise and to snack on fallen leaves (goat chips!) By this point the girls are about half way through their pregnancy, so we want to supplement their diet with extra nutrients. Pumpkins are full of vitamins and antioxidants and the seeds are packed full of protein and also act as a natural dewormer.
We take all the pumpkins we receive from the community and store them in a cool dry place where they will last for months. Every day we cut up the pumpkins into bite size pieces (did you know that goats don’t have top teeth in the front? Cutting them up into bite size pieces makes it easier for the goats to chew) along with apples we get from a local orchard and feed them to the goats. On top of the nutritional aspects of feeding the goats pumpkins, they also make them happy!

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