2015 Farm Tours Ending this Weekend


2015 Farm tours end this weekend. If you missed coming this year, mark your calendar for February 2016 when they start up again!
We had some cancellations and some shuffling around because of an early delivery of bees for our honey bee boot camp so here are our open spots as of Wednesday April 22nd 9 am (please e-mail your name, number in your party, ages of children and contact information as well as date and time interested in to edgwickfarm@gmail.com):

April 22nd 10 am Wednesday – 5 spots
April 22nd 2 pm Wednesday – 6 spots
April 24th 10 am Friday – 5 spots
April 22th 2 pm Friday – Tour cancelled due to bee pick up in Kingston
April 25th 10 am Saturday – Tour cancelled due to Honey Bee Boot Camp class (bee installation!)
April 25th 2 pm Saturday – 15 spots
April 26th 10 am Sunday – 2 spots
April 26th 2 pm Sunday – 12 spots

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