Chocolate Milk Pasteurizing Snafus

Today during a routine inspection of our creamery by our regular Ag & Markets inspector, we were informed that our chocolate milk bottled in half gallons should have been pasteurized at 150 degrees (due to the sugar and fat in the chocolate syrup) instead of 145 degrees (which is the normal pasteurizing temp). This happened due to miscommunication between us and Ag & Markets. Only one 20 gallon batch of chocolate milk was pasteurized in this manner and bottled and only half of this batch was sold at local farmers markets in the past week. Please note this does not affect plain goat milk or cups of chocolate milk sold ready to drink. Ag & Markets will be issuing a press release about the improper pasteurization. If you purchased a half gallon of our chocolate milk and have a concern or issue, do not hesitate to call us at 845-534-8707 or email us at Chocolate goat milk (properly pasteurized at 150) will be sold at markets again starting next Wednesday.

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